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I was surprised that XML basic object (twisted.words.xish.domish.Element) could not be created entirely from XML string. The most alike way is:

msg = "<iq to='juick@juick.com' id='id123' type='get'> \
            <query xmlns='http://juick.com/query#messages' mid='123456'/> \
iq = domish.Element(('',''))

But it generates:


u"<><iq to='juick@juick.com' id='id123' type='get'>             <query xmlns='http://juick.com/query#messages' mid='123456'/>        </iq></>"

Is there any way to use raw XML except writing my own IElement implementation?

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This is what I use for fragments, adapted from something found on the web somewhere.

from twisted.words.xish import domish

class ElementParser(object):
    "callable class to parse XML string into Element"

    def __call__(self, s):
        self.result = None
        def onStart(el):
            self.result = el
        def onEnd():
        def onElement(el):

        parser = domish.elementStream()
        parser.DocumentStartEvent = onStart
        parser.ElementEvent = onElement
        parser.DocumentEndEvent = onEnd
        tmp = domish.Element(("", "s"))
        return self.result.firstChildElement() 
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Note that parser should receive str, not unicode object (i.e. parser.parse(tmp.toXml().encode('utf-8'))). See mail-archive.com/twisted-python@twistedmatrix.com/msg00432.html . –  HoverHell Jan 31 '11 at 5:30

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