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I have an ASPnet webapplication that uses SignalR, it works fine under IIS.

When I try to self host the ASP.NET webapplication with System.Web.ApplicationHost.CreateApplicationHost, The signalR functionality is gone.

From debugging, I see that the OWin Startup class is never hit.

Does anyone have a clue why? From what I understand, the CreateApplicationHost is just hosting the application outside of IIS, but it still runs through the ASP.NET pipeline, So, I don't understand why Owin startup and SignalR wont work.

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When hosted inside of ASP.NET, OWIN-based applications require the IIS integrated pipeline. CreateApplicationHost forces use of the ASP.NET classic pipeline.

If you want to self-host, use the HttpListener-based OWIN host rather than trying to self-host ASP.NET directly.

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Ho can I use HttpListener-based OWIN host to run a website with regular aspx files – DorR Jan 7 '14 at 6:55
You can't. What is your exact scenario; why is IIS-based hosting (which is generally required for newer ASP.NET features like WebSockets) insufficient for your needs? – Levi Jan 7 '14 at 17:05

For instructions on self-hosting SignalR, see the following tutorial:

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