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I am using the ‘ShellExecute’ function in windows vista

Is there any way to pipe the output to a file?


MySqlDump.exe '-u user1 -ppassword dbName > TheOutputFile.Sql

Here my code

theProgram     :=  'MySqlDump.exe';
itsParameters  :=  '-u user1  -ppassword  dbName';
rslt := ShellExecute(0, 'open',
                       pChar (theProgram),
                       pChar (itsParameters),


I have tried

 itsParameters  :=  '-u user1  -ppassword  dbName > TheOutputFile.Sql';

but this does not work

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@Charles, you can use the redirector simbol ">" in a ShellExecute, but using the cmd.exe which is the Windows command interpreter.

try this sample

ShellExecute(0,nil,'cmd.exe','/c MySqlDump.exe -u user1  -ppassword  dbName > TheOutputFile.Sql',nil,sw_normal);

Another options is use pipes, you can find a very nice example in this link.

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In this scenario the simplest approach (barring a cmd script) is probably to use _popen instead of ShellExecute.

Or better yet use the --result-file option to mysqldump.

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thanks the --result-file option in mysqldump works well :) – Charles Faiga Jan 19 '10 at 14:17

Cannot vouch for the validity of this code or site, but I've heard of DosCommand.pas more than once. I'll check it tonight when I get home.

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You should start the process using CreateProcess and provide one end of a pipe you create in hStrOutput of the STARTUPINFO structure. There are plenty examples online.

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