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I am downloading angular, angular-bootstrap and bootstrap with bower. Bootstrap has a dependency on jquery which is installed in the process. But i don't need it in my project as i am only using bootstrap's css.

So i tried to permanently remove the dependency on jquery with

bower uninstall jquery --save

It's uninstalling jquery, but the next time i make bower update, it's downloaded again.

Is there a way to tell bower to permanently skip a dependency ?

edit: I wish there was something like this:

"resolutions": {
    "jquery": "no, thanks"
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Add it to your .gitignore if you commit your dependencies. Otherwise leave it as it makes no difference. You should just use what you need and ignore the rest.

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I don't commit the dependencies already. so I understand it's not possible to skip it and I will leave it like this. thanks –  desgnl Jan 6 at 0:53

We had a similar situation where we had Backbone depend on Underscore in its bower.json, but we're using Lo-Dash in its stead, so Bower was unnecessarily pulling down Underscore for each install. We have automated checks for 3rd party license compliance, so we didn't want anything we don't actually use.

I realize this isn't exactly what they're meant for, but Bower's install-hooks can be used to clean unneeded deps post-install (at least until Bower gets the sort of "no thanks" resolution you hinted at). In your .bowerrc:

    "directory": "app/bower_components",
    "scripts": {
        "postinstall": "rm -rf app/bower_components/underscore"

It's a bit of a hack, but works.

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great solution! –  Almog Baku Jul 7 at 12:08

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