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I am comparing ExtJS and YUI. They seem pretty much tied on the technical side. ExtJs costs money, not much. But YUI is free.

Maybe I am missing something obvious, but ExtJs lets you define forms. I didn't see forms in YUI. Where are they?

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YUI doesn't have a form component that is similar to the stuff in EXTJS. You'd have to build it yourself (either from markup, or your own JS).

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ExtJS has FormPanels (a container of the widgets that make up a form), a FormLayout (a vehicle to help the developer place labels and input elements in a panel), and a BasicForm (encapsulates the DOM element at the heart of the FormPanel class). I have seen developers confuse these classes; be warned. :-)

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For forms work with yui I recommend taking a look at http://javascript.neyric.com/inputex/

It offers a simple json based way for defining your forms with validation and all that jazz.

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