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Restlet looks cool, but Im sorry, I'm just banging my head all day due to lack of documentation on a simple client.

I've managed to crib some useful stuff from

But there is just nothing that actually works as a full download (which would be nice). For example is the Customer here a pojo only ? or must it implement Serializable (I think it must).

My specific issue is as follows:

I have some code which makes a call to a URL and gets back this:


The bit I'm struggling with, is the MAGIC that happens as follows:

ClientResource cr = new ClientResource(….); // fine
IDataStruct resource = cr.wrap(IDataStruct.class); // <---- Magic here, but fine at Runtime.

        if(cr.getResponse().getStatus().isSuccess())  // fine
        PriceObject price = resource.retrieve();//<--- get to this line but then everything blows up because no converter is found. I can't use Jackson because GAE does not like it

The question is, what should the IDataStruct interface look like ??


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Restlet in action is a great book which almost makes up for the broken RESTlet website. Also, check out their github repository - the documentation is in there somewhere. – tom Jan 28 '14 at 12:11

Customer in the example is indeed a POJO. Depending on the converter you would use, you can make it serializable or not. BTW, Jackson should work on GAE, which issue did you encounter exactly?

IDataStruct should be a Java interface annotated with Restlet API annotations such as @Get, @Post, etc.

Regarding the user guide, you can find the edited version in GitHub, where I just fixed some of the broken links (will be published soon on

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