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I'm using ImageMagick 6.7.7-10 2012-06-27 Q16 on a windows 2012 server and with fastcgi and PHP Version 5.4.22. I'm trying to use this command (inside a PHP file) to convert a pdf to a jpg but it doesn't work, nothing happens.

echo shell_exec("convert image.pdf image.jpg");

This command line work perfectly inside a command shell (msdos command shell). I tried to convert a jpg to png and surprisingly it worked !

echo shell_exec("convert image.jpg image.png");

It's also working when I'm converting a png to pdf.

echo shell_exec("convert image.png image.pdf");

Now I'm getting confuse, why is it not working from a pdf to an image ? Am I missing a php extension or a setting ?


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Try changing it to echo shell_exec("convert image.pdf image.jpg 2>&1"); and show errors if there are any. –  piotrekkr Jan 6 at 0:24
Thank you ! Turns out I have a Postscript delegate failed ... –  Namari Jan 6 at 0:31
And you have your problem solved :D Btw. this trick with 2>&1 redirect command errors from STDERR to standard output STDOUT so you can see errors in shell_exec() output. –  piotrekkr Jan 6 at 0:38
Thanks for the trick ;) –  Namari Jan 6 at 1:09

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You have to put let PHP know the PATH to the ImageMagic.

You can manullay put that by adding this line in your PHP script.


something similar depending on your setup. The gs executable has to be in your script user's path somewhere or ImageMagick will fail to convert PDF or EPS files.

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I already have the environment variables PATH set up for Imagick. What do you mean by script user's path ? –  Namari Jan 6 at 0:11
I hope you have set that path for WINDOWS . But You must let know the PHP about the PATH. To do that you can include the PATH in the PHP Script. –  Fawzan Jan 6 at 0:28
It's already converting the jpg to png so I guess It's already working ? –  Namari Jan 6 at 0:33
You mean you can do the image conversion via PHP? –  Fawzan Jan 6 at 0:47
yes I can convert a jpg to png to a pdf but not pdf to jpg –  Namari Jan 6 at 0:57

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