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I'm currently in the process of creating a web app. I've chosen IIS and SQL with MVC for several reasons including the strong division of data and presentation and the fact that I would like to host this on azure and eventually migrate most of the "current" sql data to azure table storage a cost is a factor. The web service basically has two types of clients, lets say providers and consumers. Consumers are able to look at a list of their preferred providers and offer a task. If the provider accepts then then the consumers web site / app is updated ( about every 15 seconds ) with status and likewise providers need to get frequent and timely notification about offered tasks.

The current approach is basic web site with nuget tailoring if a client is on a mobile platform followed by mobile applications which target windows phone iPhone and android devices.

At first signalr seemed like a nice solution but seeing as I have not started the mobile end of things yet I'm not sure its the best choice ( mainly as the targets need to be fairly new tech to fully support the web sockets implementation )

Any sage advise on what the best "push" style technology to use would be here given the wide breadth of clients browsers \ mobile devices?


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