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Do you know of any serious and clean, (by clean I mean rails like) mvc based ruby GUI application with GTK.

Actually, if there are any ruby gui applications that are clean and mvc based, I would be delighted, no matter what toolkit.

What I am looking for are basically some good open source apps, where I can look at the code, for inspiration and instruction.

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I have written a couple of ruby-gtk based UIs, which were pretty close to MVC. Do you have a specific question or are you looking for OSS apps so you can look at code? – Sam Post Jan 19 '10 at 14:53

You should check out this gem: Rugui. From the homepage:

RuGUI is a framework which aims to help building desktop applications. RuGUI was mostly inspired by the Ruby on Rails framework, taking most of its features from it.

RuGUI approach is to provide a MVC design for the application, separating business logic from application presentation, making it easy to maintain and evolve the application.

I've been experimenting with it - so no expert on RuGUI - but happy using it. The developers are open for improvement. It supports unit-testing and rspec (with basic support for gui-testing, a few days after asking them).

It only lacks good documentation, but if you know your way around in Gtk it's easy to catch up.

Check out these blogposts:

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It seems to as if there are only two small and simple example applications publicly available to show what rugui does. Not yet convincing. – genericus666 Jan 21 '10 at 6:31

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