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I have something like this. This is my Controller.

    new singleton('User', function(model){
    model.find({username:data.username, password:_pass}, function(err,user){
        if (user.length==1)

If I set socket property like socket.set('name',value, function(){cb});

I get undefined here

        auth.authentificate(data, socket, function(logged){
        if (logged)
            socket.emit('authOk',{err:'Ziaden error'});

I tried set it with this

socket.set('taxiId', user[0].id, function(){cb(true);});

But nothing happend

Otherwise if I set property as

socket.taxiId = user[0].id;

It works simply good.

But here is one problem in asynchrone coding. If one setter socket.taxiId = 1; is called second getter socket.taxiId; returning undefined.

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socket.get and socket.set are used for configuring socket, not for session management nor authorization. Would you please clarify your scenario first? Guess you want to manage sessions from different clients, if this is the case, read Authorization and handshaking. –  shawnzhu Jan 6 at 2:02
Hello I read one thread difference between set() and socket property If you click on this link, you will see what I want to do. And check last comment. "In a multi-process world, if you set socket.foo = bar in one process, then in another process socket.foo will be undefined." @shawnzhu –  Filip Lukáč Jan 6 at 11:11

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