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I have a unix timestamp, and I'm trying to convert it into a calendar date such as MM/DD/YYYY. So far, I have this:

$(document).ready(function() {
      var value = $("#unixtime").val(); //this retrieves the unix timestamp
      var dateString = moment(value).calendar(); 

When I try to print out the calendar date, the window says "Invalid date". Can anyone help me out?

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Using moment.js as you asked:

var dateString = moment.unix(value).format("MM/DD/YYYY");
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That's not a calendar date. –  Ian Warburton Jan 14 at 19:03
@IanWarburton - it's not?? –  Matt Johnson Jan 14 at 21:32
I suppose it is according to the question. But I think a calendar date in moment.js looks like this.... moment(new Date(item.date)).calendar() –  Ian Warburton Jan 14 at 21:35
@IanWarburton - You wouldn't need the new date object in there. The calendar function is nice (docs here), but not in the format that the OP asked for. –  Matt Johnson Jan 14 at 21:51
nice one! thanks. –  Ian Warburton Jan 14 at 21:55

UNIX timestamp it is count of seconds from 1970, so you need to convert it to JS Date object:

var date = new Date(unixTimestamp*1000);
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new moment(timeStamp,'yyyyMMddHHmmssfff').toDate()

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