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  • I am using VS2013 .NET 4.51 writing a WebForms application
  • The object contains some HTML via Item.QuestionText property

The problem is that I actually get the actual HTML eg. <strong>Some Text</strong> instead of Strong Text. Trying with HtmlEncode() has no effect.

So can anyone tell me how I can get the HTML to render correctly within the template?

<asp:ListView runat="server"
       <td><%#: Item.QuestionNumber %></td>
       <td><%#: HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(Item.QuestionText) %></td>

Edit: And for more on code nuggets see: .NET "code nugget blocks"?

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if Item.QuestionText returns <strong>Some Text</strong> you don't need to HtmlEncode it.

<%#: %> tag would apply HtmlEncode (the : operator). Have a Read of this Scott Gu post

Try this; it should work (note that there is no colon)

<%# Item.QuestionText %>
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@Prashnath - Brilliant thanks. –  TheEdge Jan 6 at 23:04

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