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I have a main-layout page:

@(title: String)(content: => Html)(implicit flash: Flash)
<!DOCTYPE html>
    <!-- .... -->
        <h2>Here is the flash:</h2>
        <section class="content">My super content: @content</section>

@(flash: Flash)
@flash.data.foreach { case (k, v) =>
    key, value: (@k, @v)

And a controller:

  def index = Action { implicit request =>

And a view for it:

@layouts.main("Index") {
    <h1>Index page</h1>

The view of index.scala.html throws an error:

could not find implicit value for parameter flash: play.api.mvc.Flash

I tried this:

@(implicit flash: Flash)
@layouts.main("Index") {
    <h1>Index page</h1>

And it caused another error:

not enough arguments for method apply: (implicit flash: play.api.mvc.Flash)play.api.templates.HtmlFormat.Appendable in object index. Unspecified value parameter flash.
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You need to provide an implicit definition of a Flash object somewhere - you've indicated in your template that you want one, now you need to write a method in scope (for example in your controller) that returns a Flash –  millhouse Jan 6 at 5:49

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Try to change your view to this:

@()(implicit flash: Flash)
@layouts.main("Index") {
    <h1>Index page</h1>

or change your controller to this:

def index = Action { implicit request =>
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