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What do people think is the best JSF framework or library for a saving state longer than request scope (but w/o using session scope) that is backbutton/new window safe -- i.e. you have a "wizard"/multi-page form.

For example, MyFaces has the 'SaveState' tag that allows you to maintain state across pages by saving state in the view's component tree. Any comments on SaveState (pros/cons) or suggestions for any better framework or library for this capability?

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The t:saveState works perfectly. It's only a bit 'low level' and not tied to a particular bean. There are two other libraries/frameworks which comes to mind which provides control over conversation scope at higher level (e.g. bean-specific tags/annotations):

Update: JSF2.0 has added a new scope which achieves a conversation-like state, the @ViewScope. Very useful if you can reuse the same view for subsequent actions.

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i think Spring Web Flow is a good solution. you can define your flow as XML and it can integrate with JSF, Struts, Spring MVC, ZK,...

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