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Hope you are all doing well.

I need some help from you regarding my question that how can I get single data by CHtml Query into Text Field.

for example I am using

<?php echo $form->dropDownList($model,'im_costprice', CHtml::listData(Purchaseorddt::model()->findAll(" pp_purordnum = '$pp_purordnum' "), 'pp_purchasrate', 'pp_purchasrate'), array('id'=>'purchasrate')); ?>

BUT I want to get single data into textfiled so that user can edit/ change the data. Such as:

<?php echo $form->textField($model,'im_costprice', CHtml::Data(Purchaseorddt::model()->findByAttributes(" pp_purordnum = '$pp_purordnum' "), 'pp_purchasrate', 'pp_purchasrate'), array('id'=>'purchasrate')); ?>

It is showing ERROR. Fatal error: Call to undefined method CHtml::Data()... How Can I solve this. Please help me with some idea.

Helps are highly appreciated .

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Just store the value of the Purchaseorddt::model()->findByAttributes part in a separate variable and replace that variable in the place of your CHtml::Data section.

Edit - Something on these lines would work. Do remember though that it is a better approach to do your queries in the controller or the model.

<?php $x = Purchaseorddt::model()->findByAttributes( array('pp_purordnum' => $pp_purordnum));
       $y = $x['pp_purchasrate'];
       $model->im_costprice = $y;
       echo $form->textField($model,'im_costprice',array('id'=>'purchasrate'));   ?>
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I didn't get you. Could you please elaborate little more ? –  Selim Reza Jan 6 at 6:24
Updated my answer. Check now, –  Rohan Jan 6 at 6:30
Getting ERROR Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in the line <?php $x = Purchaseorddt::model()->findByAttributes(" pp_purordnum = '$pp_purordnum' "); –  Selim Reza Jan 6 at 6:35
try now and make sure you set variable pp_purordnum in the controller action. –  Rohan Jan 6 at 6:38
Its not working showing error for array(pp_purordnum => $pp_purordnum)... I just change something on that array("pp_purordnum = '$pp_purordnum'") then it is showing another Error Table "pp_purchaseorddt" does not have a column named "0" –  Selim Reza Jan 6 at 6:49

In your controller you can put code like that

$purchaseorddt = Purchaseorddt::model()->findByAttributes("pp_purordnum = '$pp_purordnum'");

and then assign like

if(!empty($purchaseorddt)) {
  $model->in_costproce = $purchaseorddt->pp_purchasrate;

then in view use like

  echo $form->textField($model,'im_costprice', array('id'=>'purchasrate')); 

for more information on cactiveform textField http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/api/1.1/CActiveForm#telField-detail

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Getting ERROR Invalid argument supplied for foreach()... in the line $purchaseorddt = Purchaseorddt::model()->findByAttributes("pp_purordnum = '$pp_purordnum'"); –  Selim Reza Jan 6 at 6:28
check this $pp_purordnum variable is this exist on controller ? –  naveen goyal Jan 6 at 6:29
yes it exists $pp_purordnum in action and parameter –  Selim Reza Jan 6 at 6:32
just for check echo $pp_purordnum; before findByAttributes statement. check this variable contain value or not. –  naveen goyal Jan 6 at 6:36
I just echo $pp_purordnum; then it is showing data PO1400000227 –  Selim Reza Jan 6 at 6:50

just simple call the model in controller like this :

$data = Purchaseorddt::model->findByPK($pp_purordnum);

that code will automaticly fill the value in textfield

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Thank you. I got the solution from "Rohan Reddy" –  Selim Reza Jan 6 at 7:10
ok nice selim , are u member of yii framewok forum ? i'm member there too –  user3104671 Jan 6 at 7:21
could you please give me the link to join there ? –  Selim Reza Jan 6 at 7:32
i mean, i ever see you as member in facebook.com/groups/yii.indonesia/.is it true? because i'm member too in there. –  user3104671 Jan 6 at 7:45
Yes, It is true. I already a member there. Thank you so much –  Selim Reza Jan 6 at 7:55

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