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I am using Heroku Add-On for WebSolr($20/month), Can anyone tell me that still do i need to run the reindexing command in production? And when i am searching with the file name it searching perfectly but it is not searching with the file content. I have faced this problem when i was in development mode but after running this command rake:sunspot:reindex it was done. Is there any need to set the environment variable for WEBSOLR_URL?

Hers is sunspot.yml

hostname: index.websolr.com # I have changed this to ENV['WEBSOLR_URL'] & localhost and i also  commented this but there is no effect
port: 80 # Ihave also used 8983 port but no effect
log_level: WARNING
# read_timeout: 2
# open_timeout: 0.5

hostname: localhost
port: 8982
log_level: INFO

hostname: localhost
port: 8981
log_level: WARNING

and here is my searchable block

searchable do
text :name, :document_type
text :disciplines do |document|
  document.disciplines.map { |discipline| discipline.name }
text :synonyms do |document|
  document.disciplines.map { |discipline| discipline.synonyms.map{ |s| s.name  } }      
text :keywords do |document|
  document.keywords.map { |keyword| keyword.name }

time :updated_at
time :created_at


It searching only with the NAME and not with disciplines, keywords and synonyms. In development mode it is all working fine

Any help would be appreciated


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