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I am using Titanium Alloy and I have a searchBar that searches in my ListView which works fine, but if my list contains a word for example like "Adam" and I typed in the searchBar "m" the list will be filtered to any word that contains the letter "m" in it so "Adam" will show up although it starts with "A" not "m", so how do I solve this problem ?

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can you show us code... and what data you used to populate your ListView from arrays or from database... –  Coderji Jan 6 at 6:48
I get the contacts from the phonebook and put them into an array then populate the ListView with the names of contacts in this array then I set the searchText of this list to the text in my searchBar like this: '$.search.addEventListener('change', function(e){ $.list_allContacts.searchText = e.value; });' –  Ahmad Amin Jan 6 at 6:59
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