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I created a MVC Application. I created authentication on every controller, and it works. I'm redirected to login page if I'm not the authorize user. I got no problem with authorization(sitemapnode role) for controllers.

Now, I created a ASP.NET Web Form inside my ASP.Net MVC project. I put a reportviewer on the web form. I created a View on MVC, put the asp.net web form inside the iFrame tag, and that also works. I can view the reportviewer when I call the right controller.

BUT, I can still view or access the ASP.NET Web Form (with reportviewer) if I'm not authorized by simply typing the location of the ASP.NET Web Form.

How can I apply authorization on my web forms? Similar to the authorization on MVC. If I'm not the authorized user (let's say the 'admin'), I must be redirected to Login page or I must not be able to access the web form. How do I do that?

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i think you should add some code in you web.config asp.net/web-forms/tutorials/security/roles/… –  chenZ Jan 6 at 7:14
ahh yes, timothyclifford answer helped –  TheMartianGuy Jan 6 at 7:55

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Bigger questions is why you need to mix MVC and WebForms but anyway...

MS documentation is probably going to be your biggest help:


You can lock down in web.config similar to:

  <location path="YourPage.aspx">    
               <allow roles="sitemapnode" /> 

Or at a page method level with attributes:

[PrincipalPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, Role = "sitemapnode")]
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ahhh because in MVC I cannot use ReportViewer, that's why I use web form for the reportviewer then use iframe tag in cshtml in MVC so I can view the reportviewer inside the iframe tag in MVC view –  TheMartianGuy Jan 6 at 7:22

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