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Exception occurred during playback of script [Firewall.ASDMDcerpcInspectMap] [CRFCN0019E: RationalTestScriptException on line 150 of script Firewall.ASDMDcerpcInspectMap - com.rational.test.ft.ObjectNotInMapException: CRFCN0763E: Test object id not in the object map: dmTablePopupMenu2.]. I am using IBM Rational Functional Tester Version: and I found the above exception in few of my scripts. I cannot see any error on the script for objects present in the script but missing in the object map , Can Anybody tell me why am I facing this problem ans how can I fix it? Thanks in advance..

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This error gets thrown when the actual object does not exist (or most likely deleted) from the Object Map however the script still has a reference for that object.

As per the error message above , could you locate what is the code on line 150 of the Script ASDMDcerpcInpectMap , and then try to track that object in the object map ?
So if the line 150 says .. button123().click(); .. then in the script explorer you should have an object by the name button123 when upon doubleclick should bring up the object map with button123() selected. I supect the button123 is mising from the object map( deleted most likely). Try to re-add that object to the object map ( by using the TestObject-> Insert Test Object from the Object Map) and then right click on that object in the object map and select "Add to script" , that should take care of it.

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Thanks a lot Prakash, I shall try this. –  user3164479 Jan 8 '14 at 9:47
Prakash Could you please tell me under which panel in Eclipse(RFT) is TestObject-> Insert Test object to object map,present? –  user3164479 Jan 21 '14 at 7:40
If you open the Object Map(available in the script explorer view) , then Under Test Object menu you have Insert Test Object. –  Prakash Feb 6 '14 at 5:08

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