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I am using Google Maps SDK in iOS app.I am stuck at plotting multiple pins on map.This is how I am trying to plot the pins.And I used the exact same approach to show multiple pins using MapKit which worked fine.But no success with google Maps.


  for (NSMutableDictionary *obj in self.jsonDictionary)
    membersDict = [obj objectForKey:@"members"];

    NSLog(@"Count member %d",[membersDict count]);  // shows count
    for (NSDictionary *obj in membersDict)
        CLLocationCoordinate2D center;
        NSString *latitudeString = [obj objectForKey:@"lat"];
        NSString *longitudeString = [obj objectForKey:@"lng"];

        double latitude = [latitudeString doubleValue];
        double longitude = [longitudeString doubleValue];

        center.latitude =latitude;
        center.longitude = longitude;

        NSString *userName = [obj objectForKey:@"pseudo"];
        GMSMarker *marker = [[GMSMarker alloc] init];
        marker.map = mapView_;
        marker.position = CLLocationCoordinate2DMake(center.latitude, center.longitude);
        customGoogleCallout.callOutTitleLabel.text = @"Member";
        customGoogleCallout.callOutUserName.text = userName;
        marker.icon = [UIImage imageNamed:@"marker_membre.png"];


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did U got ur answer.? –  chandru Jan 6 at 9:25
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4 Answers

just try to add lat and lon to an array then supply the marker.position.
have some loop for i and position is object at index[i].

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But, latitude and longitude are double values –  chandru Jan 6 at 9:08
Actually I am stuck with the same error, here stackoverflow.com/questions/20944919/google-maps-in-ios-doesnt-show-multiple-pin‌​s/20945358?noredirect=1#comment31459139_20945358 –  chandru Jan 6 at 9:32
my problenm is, I could able to print the dictionary] values in my log, but it is not getting displayed in my map –  chandru Jan 6 at 9:33
Could U please help me with that, @ Abhijit Chaudhar –  chandru Jan 6 at 9:36
yes. @ Abhijit Chaudhari –  chandru Jan 6 at 9:59
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this might help...

CLLocationCoordinate2D center = { [[obj objectForKey:@"lat"] floatValue] , [[obj    objectForKey:@"lon"] floatValue] };
GMSMarker *marker = [GMSMarker markerWithPosition:center];
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Try this ,

 NSArray *latitudeString = [obj objectForKey:@"lat"];
 NSArray *longitudeString = [obj objectForKey:@"lng"];  

Instead of

 NSString *latitudeString = [obj objectForKey:@"lat"];
 NSString *longitudeString = [obj objectForKey:@"lng"];
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Check this https://github.com/ryanmaxwell/GoogleMapsCalloutView example project...It works perfect..

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