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This is my actual div: Pic1

This is the Pic1 HTML code, it will loop based on the database:

<ul class="productUl">
    <li class="productLi">
        <div class="productItem">
                   <!--my div content-->

This is my CSS code:

    width: 15em;
    height: 13.8em;
    background-color: red;

    width: 750px;
    margin: 0;

    width: 15em;
    float: left; 
    padding:0px 5px; 

But I found that my productItem is up and down, can not in same position Y, I know that I can set the position Y manually, but apart from setting position Y, can I do still keep them in position Y? any ideas on that?

This is what I want: Pic2

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Sorry, I know what problems, I write the wrong loop for that, I am looping the whole path of html instead of just " <li class="productLi"> <div class="productItem"> <!--my div content--> </div> </li>" –  DNB5brims Jan 19 '10 at 15:51

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It works for me.

Your problem is apparently elsewhere.

Can you show us a complete page?

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I would recommend not to float the li, but set its display to inline or inline-block. You might also need to set a white-space: nowrap to the ul.

Hope that helps, harpax

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I believe this will work:

.productLi {display: inline; /* or inline-block */ }

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