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I am reading a text file that contains HTML code from Google search results. Then I parse it and I try to extract the links with this code:

FileReader in = new FileReader("A.txt");
BufferedReader p = new BufferedReader(in);
while(p.readLine() != null)
  String html = p.readLine();
  Document doc = Jsoup.parse(html);
  Elements Link = doc.select("a[href");
  for(Element element :Link)
    if(element != null)

But I got many non-link strings. How can I show the links, not anything else?

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According to this [question][1] what your asking is against google TOS [1]: stackoverflow.com/questions/3727662/… –  farrellmr Jan 6 at 9:34
can you post the html code you're trying to parse? Because google search result page does not contain your results as direct HTML anchors –  PopoFibo Jan 6 at 9:45
exactly i have this problem,the google search result HTML is difrrent –  user3132730 Jan 6 at 13:47

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Please try again with a complete selector, not only "a[href":

Elements links = doc.select("a[href]"); // a with href

See the Selector document for the full support - especially the examples on the right side.

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i just want links,but i got so many spams :\ –  user3132730 Jan 6 at 13:49
If the links are in an iframe, you need to select that first. doc.select("iframe") will help you. –  Jens-André Koch Jan 9 at 21:50

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