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I need to format decimal numbers with patterns in J2ME just like java DecimalFormat.

I see an option to port Format/NumberFormat/DecimalFormat.

Can you suggest ready to use implementation or library?


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So, I've manage to port desktop java implementation: bbnumberformat:

    String[] patterns = new String[] { "#,#00.00#", "0.0;(0.0)",
            "0.###E0" };
    DecimalFormat format = (DecimalFormat) DecimalFormat
    double value = -12.321;
    for (int i = 0; i < patterns.length; i++) {
        String pattern = patterns[i];
        String text = "Pattern: " + pattern 
        + " Sample: "+format.format(value)+"\n";
        add(new LabelField(text));

alt text

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The code below is method that shows how to round a double to n decimals:

private double round(double num,int numDecim){
    long p=1;
    //next line – calculate pow(10,brDecim)
    for(int i=0; i<numDecim; i++)p*=10;
    return (double)(int)(p * num + 0.5) / p;

You may use double p=1.0; or p*=10.0; instead.

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