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How to automatically format PhpDoc comments in Netbeans?

I'd like to have comments aligned like this:

 * @author      Author Name <>
 * @package     Doctrine
 * @subpackage  Table
 * @license LGPL
 * @version     $Revision: 67999 $
 * @link
 * @since       1.0

When I type /**[Enter] in Netbeans, it automatically imports all parameters as @param from the method definition. But then, when the comment is already generated I add a new variable to the definition. What now? How to trigger comment reparse and add newly added parameter?

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Not possible in current version. I just use TAB to align the docs.

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Not sure if this will work, but its a formatter that allows you to create a custom profile where you dictate the spacing/indentation of everything from your comment blocks to your class, field, methods declarations. It allows you to be able to hit Ctrl+F to have your code automatically format according to what you specify in your profile. Great way of maintaining the appearance of your code for readability without the manual labor involved.

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