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I am using codeigniter cart library. On my cart page,I have the folloing code:

<?php echo form_open(base_url().'shop/update'); ?>

  <table cellpadding="6" cellspacing="1" style="width:100%" border="0">

    <th>Item Description</th>
    <th style="text-align:right">Item Price</th>
    <th style="text-align:right">Sub-Total</th>
 <?php $i = 1; ?>

   <?php foreach ($this->cart->contents() as $items): ?>

<?php echo form_hidden($i.'[rowid]', $items['rowid']); ?>

  <td><?php echo form_input(array('name' => $i.'[qty]', 'value' => $items['qty'], 'maxlength' => '3', 'size' => '5')); ?></td>
    <?php echo $items['name']; ?>

        <?php if ($this->cart->has_options($items['rowid']) == TRUE): ?>

                <?php foreach ($this->cart->product_options($items['rowid']) as $option_name => $option_value): ?>

                    <strong><?php echo $option_name; ?>:</strong> <?php echo $option_value; ?><br />

                <?php endforeach; ?>

        <?php endif; ?>

  <td style="text-align:right"><?php echo $this->cart->format_number($items['price']); ?></td>
  <td style="text-align:right">$<?php echo $this->cart->format_number($items['subtotal']); ?></td>

<?php $i++; ?>

 <?php endforeach; ?>

 <td colspan="2"> </td>
 <td class="right"><strong>Total</strong></td>
 <td class="right">$<?php echo $this->cart->format_number($this->cart->total()); ?>   </td>


   <p><?php echo form_submit('', 'Update your Cart'); ?></p>

Now my question is about the update the products. In the update method of the shop controller,I want to have an associative array for all the items in the cart in order to update the cart items. As we know if we want to update multiple items,we will make an associative array of the items in the cart.

Please help me making this array.

Please forgive me if I have made a mistake in my question.

Thanks in advance.

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