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I am using the tarfile module to compress the image files. But when I compress the images it retain the total path for the images where they are placed. They should be relative. Means if the Images are placed at location a/b/c/demo_images.png then after extracting the tar.gz it contains the folder also in the extracted part like the same structure a/b/c/demo_images.png but I need only demo_images.png after extraction.

tar = tarfile.open(os.path.join(self.image_folder,"Images.tar.gz"),"w:gz")
    for f in image_list:
        except OSError as e:
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tar.add(f, arcname=os.path.basename(f), recursive=False)
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Thanks a lot !!! –  Sagar Jan 6 at 11:26
@Sagarghuge You're welcome. The standard way of thanking is to accept the answer ;) –  GreenAsJade Jan 6 at 22:36
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