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Have this:

public abstract class A {

    public abstract static class B {

        public static void greet() {



You can do, in Java,


But in JRuby, how do I call that? I tried


But it can't find the greet() method.

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What does A::B resolve to? I tried your code in JRuby 1.6.4 and 1.7.9 (just to see if there was any behaviour that had changed recently) and it worked fine.

Since the A class isn't in a package (but it might be in your real code, of course), I had to refer to it as Java::A::B and call the method as Java::A::B.greet, that's why I ask what A::B resolves to, could it be that the real problem is that you're not referring to the class by it's fully qualified package name, or haven't imported it?

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