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I have question about accents in UNIQUE key columns with specific collation.

I have table where Character set is utf8. And I have column surname where collate is utf8_czech_ci - it is not UNIQUE key yet.

`surname` VARCHAR(50) NULL DEFAULT '0' COMMENT 'Surname' COLLATE 'utf8_czech_ci'

In this table I store two testing names "i" and "í" LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH ACUTE.


When I try to make this column UNIQUE I got following error message

SQL Error (1062): Duplicate entry 'í' for key

NOTE that when I change collate of 'surname' to utf8_bin, the UNIQUE key can be created. Other collation such as utf8_swedish_ci, utf8_spanish_ci, utf8_polish_ci returns same error such utf8_czech_ci.


I thought that collation affect only order of returned records and not real "meaning" of data value. Different data should be stored as different and unique regardless on collation - or not(?) Could somebody explain this behavior?

My system

I have MySQL 5.6 on WinXP. Character settings of MySQL is:

mysql> show variables like '%character_set%';

"character_set_client"  "utf8"
"character_set_connection"  "utf8"
"character_set_database"    "utf8"
"character_set_filesystem"  "binary"
"character_set_results" "utf8"
"character_set_server"  "utf8"
"character_set_system"  "utf8"
"character_sets_dir"    "c:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\share\charsets\"

Thanks for helping.

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You will love this: MySQL Charset/Collate –  Ravinder Jan 6 at 12:49
Very nice reading. Thanks Ravinder! –  cervenak Jan 6 at 14:54
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