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I'm very new to MVVM.

Question is:

I have a Access database with 2 simple tables - owner, dvd. How to structure Model in MVVM pattern (and ideally ViewModel too)? All I need in this tutorial is to be able to display it in some datagrid. (I presume View should not impact how we build model and viewmodel).

I was not able to find any tutorial about it. Any link would be appreciated.

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Sorry, but if you really search you will find a lot of suitable tutorials for you... – gustavodidomenico Jan 6 '14 at 12:33
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  • TypedDataSet (class for each Table with columns as properties, and Adapters for fiil\update data). easy with VS wizard (Data > Add Data Source...).

  • Create owner & dvd class, and a Data Layer which returns lists (of owner and dvd) with OleDbDataReader's.

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