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I try to checkout only a subdirectory from my local git-Repro because the Repro contains the server-code and the ui-code like this structure:


and repro has branches.

Now i try to checkout ONLY the UI-Code (ASP.Net-Pages) to a different directory, run under IIS and make changes and the i will commit this changes to the branche.

In SVN i checkout the subdirectory, make my changes, commit and finish. How can i do this with git?

Remark: The git-Repro is an git-svn-clone from my company-repro with (for historical reasons) many subfolders and subprojects there are not seperate repros. The target subdirectory is a network-drive on a other machine so i can set links.

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possible, but i din't understand how to do this. I have read many tutorial's about this. –  Floyd Jan 6 at 13:26
What part has confused you? –  Chris Jan 6 at 13:33
i always get an error: "'d:\repro\uicode\' does not appear to be a git repository" –  Floyd Jan 6 at 13:40
Have you done git init in that directory? –  Chris Jan 6 at 13:41
I will be back in that chat room today, if you want to try again. –  Chris Jan 7 at 13:54

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if you want to do this in git, is different than svn: in git

in your branch

if you have write or add only the directory or only the file in one directory you may use

    git add .

this command add all file you have add/change so

    git commit
    git push

If you current branch is not master ,check this with

    git branch //* in active branch

you need to

    git checkout master
    git merge last_branch_name
    git push
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The question is about checking out a subdirectory (sparse checkout), not committing a subdirectory. –  Chris Jan 6 at 13:34
but in svn branch are structured in directory, you can seen here for example wordpress.org/plugins/about/svn –  archetipo Jan 6 at 13:42

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