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I just wondered why this won't work?

$.post($("#jsCheckoutForm_1b").attr("action"), { 
    sLoginName: $("#sLoginName").val(), 
    sPassword: $("#sPassword").val() 
    }, function(sData){

the fun thing is that if i hard code the action in stead of using $("#jsCheckoutForm_1b").attr("action"), the form is submitting. Alerting $("#jsCheckoutForm_1b").attr("action") does work fine (meaning it displays the right url to use).

Any ideas?

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Are you using Firebug or a similar tool to see where the $.post action goes? Saying it "won't work" could mean many things. –  Bartek Jan 19 '10 at 16:53
Let me back up a bit - my first answer was a case of fingers speeding past my brain. ;) What browser(s) are you using? This works fine for me in the Firefox 3.5.7 and IE 6.0 (meaning I can successfully use $.post to post to the url specified by $('#id').attr('action')). –  Jeff Sternal Jan 19 '10 at 17:19
hi jeff! yes i am using firebug and there wasn't any post displaying there. i found that strange and then remembered that firefox just had installed a beta version of the new firebug. so what i then did is reinstalled the old one and now, tahtaah, everyting is working fine. The form is forming, posts are posting ;) Thanks for your help though. by the way, the code didn't change a thing. –  half-a-nerd Jan 19 '10 at 17:29

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Your code looks fine. I would cache some variables and test them.

var form=$('#jsCheckoutForm_1b'),

console.log(form, url);
    {sLoginName: login.val(), sPassword: password.val()},

  return false;
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You may need to have return false; on the onclick function of the submit button.

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