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Very new to VIM so any explanation on how to configure would be very appreciated.

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My "Bandit" colour scheme was originally based on the highlighting from Visual Studio (version 6 I think) and Matlab. It's probably not a perfect match, but it may be of interest.

It's available here and, in case the screenshot below doesn't work, there's a screenshot here. Note that you'll need to do:

set background=light

before configuring the colour scheme as otherwise it will default to a dark background.

enter image description here

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Find one here that is close to Visual Studio.

Download it and put colorscheme foo in your .vimrc (_vimrc on Windows) where foo is the name of the colorscheme.

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You need to search in the different color schemes. I don't know if there's one who is the same as in Visual Studio, but maybe you'll find a better one. :)

Type a little piece of code, then :colorscheme, a space, and press Tab to see every colorscheme. You can download new colorschemes here :

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The "VC" color scheme (found here) is very close to looking like the default Visual Studio color scheme.

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