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I have a classifieds website which uses SOLR to search for whatever ads the user wants to search for... SOLR then returns the ID:s of all the matches found. I then use the ID:s to fetch and display the ads from a MySQL table.

currently I have one huge table containing everything in MySQL. Sometimes some of the fields are empty because for instance an apartment has no "model" but a car does.

Is this a problem for me if I use SOLR like I do?


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Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your current implementation slow or prone to error?

  • Are you adding a lot of "hacks" in order to display content or fetch data correctly due to the de-normalization of your database?

  • In the long run, will you benefit from normalizing the table?

Hope that helps. It all depends on your situation! Personally, I build databases normalized and then de-normalize as needed to keep things speedy.

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If you are using SOLR, why don't you just serve complete ad from solr instead of MySQL to save DB time?

One huge table usually is not goog option at all.

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