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How do I get the minOccurs attribute off of an element using the XSOM parser? I've seen this example for getting the attributes related to a complex type:

private void getAttributes(XSComplexType xsComplexType){
    Collection<? extends XSAttributeUse> c = xsComplexType.getAttributeUses();
    Iterator<? extends XSAttributeUse> i = c.iterator();while(i.hasNext()){
        XSAttributeDecl attributeDecl =;
        System.out.println("type: "+attributeDecl.getType());

But, can't seem to figure out the right way for getting it off an an element such as:

<xs:element name="StartDate" type="CommonDateType" minOccurs="0"/>


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The accessor is on the XSParticle class, but I can't see how that links to what you're trying to do. – skaffman Jan 19 '10 at 17:08
my problem exactly. And who would think to keep the documentation up to date. I'm getting 404's on a bunch of the api links. – Casey Jan 19 '10 at 17:13
from XSModelGroup you can call getChildren() to get an array of Particles, but calling getModelGroup() on my XSElementDecl keeps returning null. – Casey Jan 19 '10 at 17:22

So this isn't really that intuitive, but the XSElementDecl come from XSParticles. I was able to retrieve the corresponding attribute with the following code:

public boolean isOptional(final String elementName) {
    for (final Entry<String, XSComplexType> entry : getComplexTypes().entrySet()) {
        final XSContentType content = entry.getValue().getContentType();
        final XSParticle particle = content.asParticle();
        if (null != particle) {
            final XSTerm term = particle.getTerm();
            if (term.isModelGroup()) {
                final XSParticle[] particles = term.asModelGroup().getChildren();
                for (final XSParticle p : particles) {
                    final XSTerm pterm = p.getTerm();
                    if (pterm.isElementDecl()) {
                        final XSElementDecl e = pterm.asElementDecl();
                        if (0 == e.getName().compareToIgnoreCase(elementName)) {
                            return p.getMinOccurs() == 0;
    return true;
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In xsom, Element Declaration is of Type XSElementDecl. For getting the minimum and max occurrence of an element you need to get the ParticleImpl. ie,

public int getMinOccurrence(XSElementDecl element){

 int min=((ParticleImpl)element.getType()).getMinOccurs();
 return min; 


ref:XSOM Particle ref

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