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I recently got a Sony MEX BT4100U car radio which support the "App Remote"-feature. Sony offers an app which brings "Smart Extras" to this radio. With this extras it's possible to hear tweets from twitter or the contents of an RSS feed through this android app without touching the phone.

I am wondering if it's possible to use the Sony AddOn SDK / Smart Extension API to extend the functionality by myself. The list of target devices in the SDK does not include any Sony Automotive devices but a set of smartwatches and headsets.

Does anyone has experience with those topic and is able to point out if its generally possible to extend the radio functionality via the mentioned SDK or if it's some closed plugin-architecture?

My goal is to write an extension which will warn me of speed cameras via text to speech as soon as a new speed camera is on my route. The warning should be displayed on the car radio, regardless of the configured audio source.

Does anyone have:

  • the Information if this SDK is possible to handle this type of Sony device
  • if it's possible to reach my described Goal with it or if there are any impossibilities
  • other related information or special requirements for controlling Sony automotive devices via bluetooth

Thank you in advance.

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Unfortunately the Sony Add-on SDK does not support any car stereos at this time and I am not aware of any public APIs available for that device. If I hear anything in the future I will follow up here.

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