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I'm using Debian 6 with dpkg 1.15. In dpkg 1.15 multiarch support is not implemented. There is also no backport for 1.16.

My problem is that I have an application(Arma II server) that needs a 32bit version of libsdtc++6 to start. But as dpkg --print-architecture shows "amd64" only and dpkg --add-architecture is not accessible in Debian 6, I haven't found any way to add the libraries.

Is there any possibility to add the necessary 32bit libraries for the application?

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You might have to either manually search for a pre-built 32-bit version of libstdc++6, or grab the source and build it yourself on a 32-bit machine – Drew McGowen Jan 8 '14 at 9:46
I'll try that, thank you! – Nikno Jan 8 '14 at 18:07
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I've solved my problem now. For everybody else having problems with Arma II servers on Debian 6: The server needs a more recent version of the libstdc++6 32bit library. You can get this library by either adding the testing repo to your sources.list and upgrade your libstdc++6 or by manually compiling a newer version of gcc which also includes the necessary library.

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