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In my iOS app, I use MPMoviePlayerController for video playback. When I enable AirPlay, there is a QuickTime logo, which I would like to remove, superimposes on the AirPlay background. It only happens with my app on iOS 7.0.4. On iOS versions prior to 7.0.4 such as 7.0.0 or 6.1, there is no QuickTime logo shown, the AirPlay background is displayed as usual.

QuickTime logo on AirPlay background

Anyone has any ideas why the QuickTime logo is there and how we could remove it?

To be clear, I used video content for playback, not audio-only content; and I'm talking about the background view when using AirPlay only. Thanks!

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looks like an iOS bug to me –  Yi Wang Feb 7 at 17:17

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