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I'm writing a Cocoa application, and I want to display some data in a Webkit view. The data is HTML that I'm generating internally. It's coming from a slow computation, though, so I'm going to be building up a buffer (in a GCD queue, right now).

WebFrame has -loadRequest (URL), which is asynchronous, and a bunch of methods like -loadHTMLString (string) and -loadData (raw bytes), which are synchronous. Is there any way to load a local stream of HTML asynchronously? Do I need to set up my own web server just to send a stream of data to this view?

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Here's a thought: Load the webview with some basic HTML that contains the javascript to basically maintain an array of the HTML that has been computed. In the javascript, poll every x seconds and if there is new HTML data, display it. In the Obj C, whenever there is new data, use UIWebView's stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString: to append the new data to the array. –  Linuxios Jan 6 at 18:14
That's an interesting idea! It's not ideal but it certainly sounds plausible. –  user241221 Jan 6 at 18:40
iOS's webview is not very good at these kinds of more complicated things. –  Linuxios Jan 6 at 18:58
(Reread the question: I'm not using iOS.) –  user241221 Jan 6 at 19:12
Do I even need a JS timer in the initial HTML? If I'm evaluating JS in the context of that frame, can't I just add to the document content directly? –  user241221 Jan 6 at 19:23

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Subclass NSURLProtocol.

With a custom protocol handler, you can point the WebFrame at a custom NSURL (like "myproto://foo/bar"), and then write a handler which deals with "myproto" URLs and sends whatever byte stream it likes.

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