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on the command line I have:

curl -u user:pass sftp://xx.xx.xx.20:22/ -k --quote "-rm /test.txt"

and in R I have:

curlPerform(url="sftp://xx.xx.xx.20:22/", prequote="rm /test.txt", ssl.verifypeer = FALSE, userpwd = "user:pass")

As far as I can tell the two are identical, and I see the directory listing output when I execute both. However, when I execute from the command line test.txt gets removed. When I execute in R the output is followed by


and test.txt remains on the remote machine.

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I'm not sure of the difference between --quote and prequote, but you started --quote with -rm and started prequote with rm (without the hyphen). – josliber Jan 6 '14 at 18:17
Good catch. It works in R with postquote. So I think that the dash in curl is the same as postquote in rcurl. – MarkB42 Jan 6 '14 at 18:41
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This works.

curlPerform(url="sftp://xx.xx.xx.20:22/", postquote="rm /test.txt", ssl.verifypeer = FALSE, userpwd = "user:pass")

So I am assuming that postquote mimics the dash before the command in curl. I would love if someone could verify that.

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