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I have an app where users can copy and paste elements. I use the built-in events "copy" and "paste". Here's an example:


This works great in Chrome. However, in Firefox, it doesn't work at all. Here's a fiddle to demonstrate (note you need to click the window the script is running in to listen for keyboard events):


Is this a bug or what? One workaround is to simply capture the keyboard events for "CTRL" and "C" and "V" but in when I do this, Chrome then receives the Copy event Twice. This then requires a lot more code to disable the function in Chrome... and it seems backwards.

Can anyone provide a solution or some insight into why it's not working?

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It appears that the FireFox copy event will only fire when text is selected/highlighted.

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I discovered the same thing. Very unfortunate. –  Andrew Jan 6 at 19:10
@zgood you are faster than me ;) –  Subbu Jan 6 at 19:15

It is working in mozilla too. Mozilla behave little bit differently than chrome. In Mozilla if you select anything on document and then press ctrl+c(/ Right click Copy) it will work. But in chrome it can work without any selection on document.

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...yes and that sucks because then have to create your own copy/paste functions. –  Andrew Jan 6 at 19:25

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