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I am wondering if there exist any tests or certification programs that officially recognize knowledge of programming languages. Various professional fields of interest have things like this: childcare facilities, the AGO, certain manufacturers (such as Sony) for technicians, Adobe, and naturally Apple. Is there anything like that for programmers?

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no. not really. Generally speaking a Comp.Sci degree used to imply some familiarity with C, but these days every college/uni has their personal "fave language of the hour" and teaching C isn't very widespread anymore. There's no "Institute of C" that would issue such certs anyways. –  Marc B Jan 6 at 19:30
try this link bit.ly/1lKWUIc –  Ben Glasser Jan 6 at 19:33
Why thank you, @BenGlasser. I guess I had StackExchange tunnel vision. –  Richard Jan 6 at 19:37
As you will see from the LMGTFY link, there are certifications for specific languages and technologies, but nothing "general" beyond a university degree (which may or may not be worth the paper it's printed on). However, rest assured that most programmers are certifiable. –  Hot Licks Jan 6 at 19:54

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Some websites, companies, and universities might offer "certificates" for knowing certain programming languages and/or programming in general, but having one won't mean anything, because none of them are official and standardized. If you want to prove your knowledge of programming then get a degree and/or create/contribute to projects.

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There are a number that are "owned", more or less, by the companies that license the technology. Eg, there is an "official" Java certification, somehow "blessed" by Oracle. –  Hot Licks Jan 6 at 19:56

Yes, there are specific programming language certifications. I've wondered about this myself for a while, and done some internet research. A lot of the time I have seen answers on forums that go something like "Certifications are for people who can't get jobs," or "Programming does not have certifications like IT because people only care what programmers can DO." I've heard the latter from programmers and software engineers I've known in person.

With all that in mind, the Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals is vendor-neutral and has tests on COBOL, Java, C, C++, and specialty exams that include programming, and a core exam. Oracle certifies Java programmers. O'Reilly publications offers courses and certifications for some languages. I saw another outfit that tests programmers' knowledge by having them write pseudocode.

So, the certs are out there. No one pays people to answer multiple choice questions, though, unless you count employers paying for an employee to pass further exams. Some people would prefer to have academic postgraduate certificates based on coursework, than a programming certificate.

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