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I'm making an app and sometimes i will require to download zip files of more than 200MB of size... is there a limit for NSURLConnection other than the timeout? and also for NKAssetDownload since my app uses newsstand features. Apple recommends using a single connection for a single issue, and there for recommends using zip files. The file size is already optimized. Any thoughts?

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Don't use up the user's limited monthly data plan like that. –  SLaks Jan 6 at 19:35
@SLaks It might be over wifi. –  Corey Ogburn Jan 6 at 19:37
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yeah only with wifi –  user2387149 Jan 6 at 22:24

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NSURLConnection can work with gigabytes of data. There is no limit tied to NSURLConnection. Disk space and keeping the app running during the download are the real limits. And obviously don't keep all of the data in memory. Write to a file as you get the data.

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