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Here is what I am doing:

A struct is defined in the single.h file:

typedef struct
    double x,y,z;

This struct is used in single.cpp file

PhysicalSize physicalSize;
physicalSize.x = xstageStepSize;
physicalSize.y = ystageStepSize;
physicalSize.z = zstageStepSize;

long SaveTIFFWithOME(wchar_t *filePathAndName, char * pMemoryBuffer, long width, long height, unsigned short * rlut, unsigned short * glut,unsigned short * blut,
                 double umPerPixel,int nc, int nt, int nz, double timeIncrement, int c, int t, int z,string * acquiredDateTime,double deltaT, 
                 string * omeTiffData, AcquireSingle::PhysicalSize physicalSize)    

I stepped through the function, and it seems fine that all physicalSize.x, physicalSize.y and physicalSize.z got right value. However, when I step SaveTIFFWithOME(), all physicalSize.x, physicalSize.y and physicalSize.z look wierd as if they are never initialized.

I am wondering where I did wrong, and what is the right way to pass a struct, as an argument, to a function? Thanks.

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Show us inside SaveTIFFWithOME. –  0x499602D2 Jan 6 at 19:39
@DieterLücking: It's completely valid C++. It's not very idiomatic, though. –  Lightness Races in Orbit Jan 6 at 19:42
Though it is a c struct, not a c++ struct; an important difference –  Paranaix Jan 6 at 19:43
@Paranaix: Huh? What is "a C struct" in C++? –  Lightness Races in Orbit Jan 6 at 19:43
@Paranaix: No, sorry but that's nonsense. The OP is writing C++, so his struct supports the whole range of class features. Only in C are structs so limited, but the OP is neither writing nor compiling C. –  Lightness Races in Orbit Jan 6 at 19:44

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There is nothing wrong with the code above.

You're passing the structure just fine!

Either SaveTIFFWithOME is broken (possible overrun of those buffer arguments?) or you're misinterpreting your results.

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You are right. When I watch the value of physicalSize in my code under debugging mode, it shows weird numbers. However, when running the program without debugging, the correct results just save in the xml files. I have no idea how this is happening. I mean did I actually see what saw? I don't have an explanation, but the code runs without error. Thanks. –  Nick X Tsui Jan 9 at 20:04

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