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So, I've been having a bit of issues using http://uername:password@someUrl.com for http auth, and I also tried using headers and various other solutions for auth and none worked, except one solution that I found that works well is using JS to login, taken from another solution found here. (HTTP Authentication in PhantomJS). My question is how can I integrate YSlowJS, PhantomJs and the following script such that when I use I will get the reports returned to me.

    $ phantomjs yslow.js myScript.js
      //(this returns) FAIL to load undefined

//This is myScript.js 

var page = require('webpage').create(),
system = require('system'),
t, address;

page.settings.userName = 'test';
page.settings.password = 'test';

address = "http://browserspy.dk/password-ok.php";
//using the url from the solution to the link above
page.open(address, function (status)
    if (status !== 'success') {

        console.log('FAIL to load the address');


        console.log('Page title is ' + page.evaluate(function ()
            return page.open(address); 
            //--> this returns FAIL to load undefined 
            //--> I take it "page" is the issue


Im guessing that the issue is returning the correct variable, if so, what should it be?

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Forgot to mention - pre thanks! –  MinimalMaximizer Jan 6 '14 at 22:03

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