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I have a set of 2 types of entities, Author and Reference, and they are connected from A ->R by 'Authored' type. Someone helped me come up with this code to add a new set of relationships

match (a)-[r]->(b)<-[r2]-(c)
merge (a)-[new:CoAuthor]->(c)
on create set new.weight=1
on match set new.weight=new.weight+1

However, I keep running out of memory. I tried limiting the number of times this would execute with the following code:

start a=node(1)
match (a)-[r:Authored]->(b)<-[r2:Authored]-(c)
with a
limit 10
match (b)<-[r2]-(c)
create (a)-[new:CoAuthor]->(c);

But still no luck, even with maximum memory set at 3072m. Is there a way to iterate through the entire DB and have this done in stages in the background? I cannot manually do this 10 nodes at a time b/c I have something like 600k authors and 1.5m references and 7m relationships between them.

This is going to be a one time write, as this is not a transactional db. The intent is to create these links to support the real querying I need to do later. I also have other entities that I need to put in the db, and was hoping I could identify an efficient way to do this.

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Try this one (keep running until you get 0 back from the count; might try increasing to 10000 if 1000 goes fast enough):

match (a)-[r:Authored]->(b)<-[r2:Authored]-(c)
where NOT (a)-[:CoAuthor]-(c)
with a, c
limit 1000
create unique (a)-[new:CoAuthor]-(c)
return count(*)

Then, if you want to count the number of books they worked on together, I would do that in a followup query. It's hard to create unique undirected relationships at the moment.

match (a)-[r:CoAuthor]-(b)
with length((a)-[:Authored]->()<-[:Authored]-(b)) as count, r
set r.weight=count

Might require some batching as well if you've got a lot of data, but give it a try.

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The first idea is working, although a bit labor intensive. I hadn't meant to try to insert an undirected edge; instead I was hoping to find a moderately decent solution and then insert a directed edge heading in the opposite direction. I'll let you know if the second solution offered works. TYVM –  Mark C Jan 7 '14 at 3:35
If you want it to be directed, do you want two edges for each pair of authors? –  Wes Freeman Jan 7 '14 at 3:54
Not particularly as it is not normally considered to be a directed relationship. However, I thought I had read that Neo4j handles directed relationships more effectively. –  Mark C Jan 7 '14 at 13:27
Neo4j always stores relationships in a directed way, but if you create unique without a direction it will only create one relationship (because it matches either direction), rather than two. –  Wes Freeman Jan 7 '14 at 16:53
okay. is there a way to select the first x nodes, if there is no id property? –  Mark C Jan 8 '14 at 2:52

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