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Given a list of actions thats each triggers an asynchronous event, how do I execute them all with a guaranteed ordering:

$.each(actions, function(i, action) {
    action.execute(); // triggers an asynch process;
                      // how do I ensure that the next action isn't triggered until the current completes? 

One thought I had was to have the completion of each asynch execution fire off a custom event, but I was unsure of how to structure the logic given the need to trigger these in a loop for each action in the list:

$.each(actions, function(i, action) {       
    action.on('executed', function() {
       // continue on to next action; but how to structure this? 
       // In other words, how to sequentially chain a non-fixed # of callbacks?
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Take a look at jQuery Deferred, especially the when method. –  Barmar Jan 6 '14 at 22:22
But I don't want to execute a callback when all events are done; rather, I want to ensure that each next action is only executed when the previous event completes. Doesn't deferred still lead to the same problem I presented since there isn't a fixed number of actions? –  akdik Jan 6 '14 at 22:26

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With this:

(function execAction(i){   
   if( i >= actions.length) return;  //When all has finished, do nothing
})(0); //Start with i == 0

Assuming .execute receives a callback as parameter


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