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I am downloading a zip file using c# program and I get the error

at System.IO.Compression.ZipArchive.ReadEndOfCentralDirectory()
   at System.IO.Compression.ZipArchive.Init(Stream stream, ZipArchiveMode mode,
Boolean leaveOpen)
   at System.IO.Compression.ZipArchive..ctor(Stream stream, ZipArchiveMode mode,
 Boolean leaveOpen, Encoding entryNameEncoding)
   at System.IO.Compression.ZipFile.Open(String archiveFileName, ZipArchiveMode
mode, Encoding entryNameEncoding)
   at System.IO.Compression.ZipFile.ExtractToDirectory(String sourceArchiveFileN
ame, String destinationDirectoryName, Encoding entryNameEncoding)
   at System.IO.Compression.ZipFile.ExtractToDirectory(String sourceArchiveFileN
ame, String destinationDirectoryName)

Here's the program

    response = (HttpWebResponse)request.GetResponse();
    Stream ReceiveStream = response.GetResponseStream();
    byte[] buffer = new byte[1024];
    FileStream outFile = new FileStream(zipFilePath, FileMode.Create);
    int bytesRead;
    while ((bytesRead = ReceiveStream.Read(buffer, 0, buffer.Length)) != 0)
        outFile.Write(buffer, 0, bytesRead);
        ZipFile.ExtractToDirectory(zipFilePath, destnDirectoryName);
    catch (Exception e)

I do not understand the error. Can anybody explain this Thanks MR

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Why did you delete your old question? you don't even include the fact that you are getting System.IO.InvalidDataException –  Scott Chamberlain Jan 6 at 22:23
If you must open that file, I found a reference that perhaps unjarring the file would work. jar xvf corrupt.zip. obviously, this is not for your code, but i thought it worth mentioning if you needed to get the uncorrupted files out. –  paqogomez Jan 6 at 22:39

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From your old question you deleted.

I get System.IO.InvalidDataException: End of Central Directory record could not be found.

This most likely means whatever file you are passing in is malformed and the Zip is failing. Since you already have the file outfile on the hard drive I would recommend trying to open that file with with windows built in zip extractor and see if it works. If it fails the problem is not with your unzipping code but with the data the server is sending to you.

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The problem is Unzip can't find the line of code that signals the end of the archive, so either:

  1. The archive is corrupt.
  2. It is not a .zip archive.
  3. There are more than 1 parts to the archive.

Opening the file with your favorite zip utility will tell which of these it could be.

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I do not know how it is getting corrupted. There is a webpage with a download button which I automatically click in the C# program. This should download the zip files which has many other excel files. If. I do not use the c# program and go to webpage directly and click on button, there is a zip file that gets downloaded. I have used request.Headers.Set(HttpRequestHeader.AcceptEncoding, "gzip,deflate"); I do not know how to debug this. –  user2726975 Jan 7 at 16:18
You are saving your file in zipFilePath. Just go open it there and check out the file. –  paqogomez Jan 7 at 16:24
The assumption now is that its the server end of things that is bad. There doesnt appear to be anything wrong with your code. You could try pointing your code at another zip file and see if it can download it. I bet it does. –  paqogomez Jan 7 at 16:26

I encountered this same problem. There are many types of compression, .zip being only one of the types. Look and make sure that you aren't trying to 'unzip' a .rar or similar file.

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