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I am new to Camel and ActiveMQ. I have some Java code that attempts to consume some messages from a different application via ActiveMQ:

ConsumerTemplate consumer;
public void process(Map<String, String> map) {

//do some fancy stuff

The class containing this code is in a war file; it deploys beautifully on JBoss 7 when my ActiveMQ server is running,and the code is called correctly. When the server is not running, the deploy fails and I get the following error:

Did not receive a response to the deployment operation
within the allowed timeout period [300 seconds].

There are no other errors in the log. This consume is the only ActiveMQ reference in the entire application; and the deploy fails.

So my question is: why doesn't it start if there is no ActiveMQ server started, and how can I make it start even if the server is not started?

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Your code has a consumer to the ActiveMQ broker with this code


When the consumer is started it connects to the broker, and if that fails it may hang for a while. You can tell Camel to start the listener async with


See more details at the Camel JMS docs

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