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Vim completes words and lines with CTRL-X P and CTRL-L. There's a Emacs plugin called Company mode but this plugin interfere and cause conflicts with lots of things within Emacs (with global linum and yasnippets). I know that I can complete words with CTRL-/ in Emacs. But it is possible to take previously written lines to complete code?

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I think that's more of superuser question –  notnoop Jan 19 '10 at 19:02
@notnoop <- Is this a bot? because I think my question is about programming –  alexchenco Jan 19 '10 at 19:09
the question is regarding shortcuts for the emacs general purpose editor. That's a superuser question. I understand you commonly want such functionality while coding though. If the question is about writing an emacs extension, or handling code completion (with yasnippets), then I think it's programming related. –  notnoop Jan 19 '10 at 19:16
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Maybe you're looking for hippie-expand? From that web page (as of this writing, anyway):

HippieExpand looks at the word before point and tries to expand it in various ways including expanding from a fixed list (like ‘expand-abbrev’’), expanding from matching text found in a buffer (like‘dabbrev-expand’’) or expanding in ways defined by your own functions. Which of these it tries and in what order is controlled by a configurable list of functions.

For a comprehensive list of completion options visit the emacs wiki page on completion.

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There are a gazillion ways to do completion in Emacs. Some are mode specific, some inline, some configurable and what not. Here is a list of modes that might help you.

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Use numberic argument to complete by line, say M-5 M-/ will complete by line, while M-/ alone still complete the normal way.

hippe-expend function has a very useful feature which is :

With a positive numeric argument, jumps directly to the ARG next function in this list. With a negative argument or just C-u, undoes the expansion.

Customize the expansion functions in hippie-expand-try-functions-list and put the function try-expand-line as 5th list element, then you could use M-5 M-/ to complete by line.

This tip is very handy and useful and I highly recommend it.

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FYI try-expand-line is the default 5th element of hippie-expand-try-functions-list. –  EmacsFodder Jun 9 at 1:27
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Also worth noting: if your window manager does not steal Alt-tab, emacs will auto-complete with Alt-tab (I set up my window manager to user the "windows key" instead of alt for this very reason).

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