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this code is for merge row in column 6 based on value in column 1. but it get error 1004 whenever the value at column 6 just hell too long, and contain "enter". i want too handle this error, by cut the error cell's value and paste it in another sheets. and continue to merge the data.

Sub Merge_desc()

Dim shtIn As Worksheet, shtOut As Worksheet, errout As Worksheet

Dim arrIn
Dim arrOut
Dim ub As Long, r As Long, r2 As Long
Dim num
Dim order
Dim desc
Dim oldnum

    Set shtIn = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Control Deck")
    Set shtOut = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Process")
    Set errout = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("error")

    'load the input data to an array
    arrIn = shtIn.Range(shtIn.Range("A1"), shtIn.Cells(Rows.Count, 6).End(xlUp)).Value

    ub = UBound(arrIn, 1)
           ReDim arrOut(1 To ub, 1 To 6)
    r2 = 1

    For r = 1 To ub

        If Len(arrIn(r, 1)) > 0 Then
            'output any previous item to the second array
            If Len(num) > 0 Then
                arrOut(r2, 1) = num
                arrOut(r2, 2) = order
                arrOut(r2, 3) = manufact
                arrOut(r2, 4) = MPN
                arrOut(r2, 5) = oldnum
                arrOut(r2, 6) = desc
                r2 = r2 + 1
            End If

            num = arrIn(r, 1)
            order = arrIn(r, 2)
            manufact = arrIn(r, 3)
            MPN = arrIn(r, 4)
            oldnum = arrIn(r, 5)
           desc = arrIn(r, 6)

            desc = desc & arrIn(r, 6)
        End If

    Next r

            If Len(num) > 0 Then
        arrOut(r2, 1) = num
        arrOut(r2, 2) = order
        arrOut(r2, 3) = manufact
        arrOut(r2, 4) = MPN
        arrOut(r2, 5) = oldnum
        arrOut(r2, 6) = desc
    End If

      On Error GoTo ErrHandler

    shtOut.Cells(2, 1).Resize(r2, 6).Value = arrOut  'this line is what i suspect to have error

     On Error GoTo 0  'Turn default error handling back on

      Exit Sub


     If Error.Number <> 0 Then 'error happened here

         y = 1
    shtOut.Cells(r2, 6).Value.Cut
    Do While errout.Cells(y, 6).Value = ""
    errout.Cells(y, 1).Paste
    y = y + 1

     End If


 End Sub

any body know how to handle this error in error handling? :|

my excel https://www.dropbox.com/s/0l2uh2hi0mbo2w4/UPLOAD.xlsm

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Works fine for me. BTW what do you mean by merging rows? I don't see any merging. Or are you just trying to copy across rows where there is data in Col A? If this is what you are trying to do then no need to use arrays. A simple .Autofilter will solve your problem. –  Siddharth Rout Jan 7 at 5:07
desc = desc & arrIn(r, 6) this merge the value of 6th column. i use array because there's about 500k data, i wanna make it fast. it works fine when the value of 6th column is normal. but when a cells contains so much words, it goes on error 1004. ill upload the example to make it clearer. –  Alfa Bachtiar Jan 7 at 6:34
i've upload my excel –  Alfa Bachtiar Jan 7 at 6:55
oh, i uploaded wrong excel-macro, this has no error. –  Alfa Bachtiar Jan 7 at 7:35
I am out at the moment. Will look at it once I am back :-) –  Siddharth Rout Jan 7 at 7:49

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